2.1. 140 Days

A photobook consisting of photographs and scanned
printed matter retelling the experiences lived
within 140 in Japan in 2019 .


2.2. Image & Context
A Series of small photographic publications documenting
a specific graphic object on a determined context.

       [a] Japanese storefronts
      [b] Yurukyara (ゆるキャラ)
      [c] Hand-painted Caribean signs

2.3. El Mar en el Norte
A 4 Color-RISO printed photography publication as a result
of a trip to the northermost part of south america, in Colombia.

      [a] Spread of a Virign mary shrine juxtapozsed with
          a man made rock pillar.
      [b] Spread of a mural at Punta Gallinas
          and the sea it is depicting.


2.4. The flatlands

A Riso printed publication of black and white landscape pictures taken over the course of 2 years of Dutch scenery.

[1.5] [a]
2.5. A Colorful Scene

An experimental publication with 36 different indivual elements representing a unique piece of a scene. The publication is completed with 4 different background colors and it encourages the reader to create their own unique compositions. 

      [a] All individual elements on the publication
      [b] Composition using a hand, a foot, a splat & an insect
      [c] Composition using a star, a horse & a sun
      [d] Composition using a shoreline and a field of flowers