1.1. Visual Identity for Entre Esquinas Exhibition
↳for Oblicuas

Visual identity
for an exhibition and workshop in Bogota by spanish design collective Oblicuas. The identity was made for a series of events that centered around gender and public space and was made from elements found in the city of Bogota. Both digital and physical elements were used for the promotion of the event.

1.2. Visual Identity and Motion for Photography Exhibition.

Visual identity
and Motion for a photograpy exhibition centered around growth. It takes the concept of growing to animate type while showcasing the photos fluidly.
A case study with photos taken by SGR.

1.3. Illustrations, Animation and Visual Identity for A Book Fair.

Illustrations, promotional material 
and Branding for a book fair that highlights “global south” writers and publishers. “European tropics” is a case study highlighting animation and colorful compositions with “tropical” and “latinamerican” motifs.

1.4. Branding & Art Direction for Materia
↳ As part of a team with Juan Carlos Guevara and Veronica Arancibia 

Branding elements and Logo for a clothing and object brand, and art direction and photography for the first drop of objects. The logo was made using a grid modular system creating a custom type.

1.5. Illustration posters for the ministry of interior
↳as part of El viento Media Lab

A series of posters centered around human rights in the colombian context. The illustrations are complimented by quotes said by community leaders all around Colombia. They were made for internal use on the ministry of interior offices.